Author : Beatriz Williams
Publisher : HarperCollins
Release :2016-06-28
Total pages :352
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9780062404978

The bestselling author of A Hundred Summers brings the Roaring Twenties brilliantly to life in this enchanting and compulsively readable tale of intrigue, romance, and scandal in New York Society, brimming with lush atmosphere, striking characters, and irresistible charm. As the freedom of the Jazz Age transforms New York City, the iridescent Mrs. Theresa Marshall of Fifth Avenue and Southampton, Long Island, has done the unthinkable: she’s fallen in love with her young paramour, Captain Octavian Rofrano, a handsome aviator and hero of the Great War. An intense and deeply honorable man, Octavian is devoted to the beautiful socialite of a certain age and wants to marry her. While times are changing and she does adore the Boy, divorce for a woman of Theresa’s wealth and social standing is out of the question, and there is no need; she has an understanding with Sylvo, her generous and well-respected philanderer husband. But their relationship subtly shifts when her bachelor brother, Ox, decides to tie the knot with the sweet younger daughter of a newly wealthy inventor. Engaging a longstanding family tradition, Theresa enlists the Boy to act as her brother’s cavalier, presenting the family’s diamond rose ring to Ox’s intended, Miss Sophie Fortescue—and to check into the background of the little-known Fortescue family. When Octavian meets Sophie, he falls under the spell of the pretty ingénue, even as he uncovers a shocking family secret. As the love triangle of Theresa, Octavian, and Sophie progresses, it transforms into a saga of divided loyalties, dangerous revelations, and surprising twists that will lead to a shocking transgression . . . and eventually force Theresa to make a bittersweet choice. Full of the glamour, wit and delicious twists that are the hallmarks of Beatriz Williams’ fiction and alternating between Sophie’s spirited voice and Theresa’s vibrant timbre, A Certain Age is a beguiling reinterpretation of Richard Strauss’s comic opera Der Rosenkavalier, set against the sweeping decadence of Gatsby’s New York.

Author : Gopal Gandhi
Publisher : Penguin Books India
Release :2011
Total pages :234
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9780670085026

With charming biographical sketches, this book celebrates twenty individuals who shaped key events of the twentieth Century

Author : Jodie Moffat,Maria Scoda,Susan Sullivan
Publisher : Fremantle Press
Release :2018-03-01
Total pages :176
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781925591156

Anne Aly, Liz Byrski, Sarah Drummond, Mehreen Faruqi, Goldie Goldbloom, Krissy Kneen, Jeanine Leane, Brigid Lowry and Pat Torres are among fifteen voices recounting what it is like to be a woman on the other side of 40. These are stories of identity and survival, and a celebration of getting older and wiser, and becoming more certain of who you are and where you want to be.

Author : Cambridge Women's Pornography Cooperative
Publisher : Chronicle Books
Release :2010-07-01
Total pages :96
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9780811873710

Just how long do you plan on defying the laws of gravity? Responding to overwhelming demand, the Cambridge Women's Pornography Cooperative has researched deeply into the desires of women of a certain age. The result: forty steamy scenarios show hunky yet distinguished men catering to every whim. These handsome hotties insist she take an early retirement, delight in the silver in her hair, and best of all, take over the cooking and cleaning. Mrrow! Scientifically proven to make women swoon, Porn for Women of a Certain Age will leave the ladies begging for more.

Author : Rita Cavigioli
Publisher : Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press
Release :2005
Total pages :270
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 0838640656

Situated at the crossroads of gender studies, narratology, and cultural studies, this book investigates the impact that the demographic and cultural revolutions of the last century have had on Italian women's life courses and on their literary imaginations. The geographic and chronological focus is Italy of the 1990s. The study is divided into two parts that represent an ideal progression from contexts to texts. The first part traces changes in the representations of women's aging bodies during different phases of Italian history in connection with women's social status, geographical locations, education and professional opportunities, and marriage prospects. It also presents both statistical information about and analysis of the social presence, cultural impact, and gender identity of older people in present-day Italy. The second part of the book analyzes several novels, including Di buona famiglia and Ultima luna, for narrative structure, setting, choice of themes and imagery, and asks how and to what degree narrative strategies are affected by age consciousness.

Author : Joanna Goldsworthy
Publisher : Columbia University Press
Release :1994
Total pages :236
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 0231101511

Author : Rudolf Mrázek
Publisher : Duke University Press
Release :2009-01-01
Total pages :328
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9780822392682

A Certain Age is an unconventional, evocative work of history and a moving reflection on memory, modernity, space, time, and the limitations of traditional historical narratives. Rudolf Mrázek visited Indonesia throughout the 1990s, recording lengthy interviews with elderly intellectuals in and around Jakarta. With few exceptions, they were part of an urban elite born under colonial rule and educated at Dutch schools. From the early twentieth century, through the late colonial era, the national revolution, and well into independence after 1945, these intellectuals injected their ideas of modernity, progress, and freedom into local and national discussion. When Mrázek began his interviews, he expected to discuss phenomena such as the transition from colonialism to postcolonialism. His interviewees, however, wanted to share more personal recollections. Mrázek illuminates their stories of the past with evocative depictions of their late-twentieth-century surroundings. He brings to bear insights from thinkers including Walter Benjamin, Bertold Brecht, Le Corbusier, and Marcel Proust, and from his youth in Prague, another metropolis with its own experience of passages and revolution. Architectural and spatial tropes organize the book. Thresholds, windowsills, and sidewalks come to seem more apt as descriptors of historical transitions than colonial and postcolonial, or modern and postmodern. Asphalt roads, homes, classrooms, fences, and windows organize movement, perceptions, and selves in relation to others. A Certain Age is a portal into questions about how the past informs the present and how historical accounts are inevitably partial and incomplete.

Author : Rebbecca Ray
Publisher : Penguin UK
Release :1998-11-05
Total pages :416
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9780141927367

'I lost my virginity to a twenty-five year-old man. And on a schoolnight, too.' Sex with an Older Man Parents who don't understand Politics in the playground Blowjobs behind the bike-sheds Skinning up in the schoolyard It's what happens when you reach a Certain Age. Just the hormones kicking in. We've all been there . . . haven't we? A CERTAIN AGE - the reality behind the problem pages. It's what Just 17 never told you about growing up.

Author : Lydia Scholten Ott
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Release :2015-12-19
Total pages :204
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781514430408

This story is based on the children of the main characters described in "Women of a Certain Age" and "Gentlemen of a Certain Age". As an author, the idea of creating a sequel to the first two novels gave my imagination a boost, and putting the grandchildren of the characters of the second book in a setting of their own adventures and love interests, I made it into a trilogy. Although "Women of a Certain Age" did not relate necessarily to "Gentlemen of a Certain Age", the third novel describes the lives and adventures of the children of the characters in both books. After their education, and college experiences many of the characters become friends when they meet ocasionally while visiting their grandparents who had decided to enter the same retirement community once their careers ended. The grandchildren become acquainted as well, thereby starting another circle of friendships that may create yet another one through the next generation -- circles linking together once again, designing another brand-new pattern.

Author : Vivian E. Greenberg
Publisher : Lexington Books
Release :1999
Total pages :192
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 0739100343

A warm, thoughtful, and well-researched study of how elderly parents and their middle-aged children can, with wisdom, courage, and respect, relate to one another with genuine friendship.--Louise Fradkin and Mirca Liberti, cofounders of Children of Aging Parents