Author : Thubten Chodron
Publisher : Shambhala Publications
Release :2001-01-01
Total pages :160
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781559398107

This user’s guide to Buddhist basics takes the most commonly asked questions—beginning with "What is the essence of the Buddha’s teachings?"—and provides simple answers in plain English. Thubten Chodron’s responses to the questions that always seem to arise among people approaching Buddhism make this an exceptionally complete and accessible introduction—as well as a manual for living a more peaceful, mindful, and satisfying Life. Buddhism for Beginners is an ideal first book on the subject for anyone, but it’s also a wonderful resource for seasoned students, since the question-and-answer format makes it easy to find just the topic you’re looking for, such as: • What is the goal of the Buddhist path? • What is karma? • If all phenomena are empty, does that mean nothing exists? • How can we deal with fear? • How do I establish a regular meditation practice? • What are the qualities I should look for in a teacher? • What is Buddha-nature? • Why can't we remember our past lives?

Author : Thubten Chodron
Publisher : Snow Lion Publications, Incorporated
Release :2001
Total pages :160
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : UVA:X004474210

Offers an introduction to the doctrines and philosophies of Buddhism, including Buddhist perspectives on such current issues as euthanasia, abortion, and animal rights.

Author : Sam Siv
Publisher :
Release :2015-05-01
Total pages :106
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 1511935545

Buddhism: A Beginners Guide Book For True Self Discovery and Living A Balanced and Peaceful LifeFind out all about mysterious Buddhism, its origins, its secrets and its answers to the challenges of modern life.This book contains a basic overview of Buddhism, including the life of Buddha, and the various kinds of Buddhism that have developed. It takes a look at all the key concepts and most important teachings, methods and insights in a way that is easy to understand. Filled with a wealth of common-sense and other-worldly wisdom, the path to enlightenment is considered. Learn about meditation, mindfulness, happiness, Samadhi, Nirvana and all the other important concepts that have helped shape our understanding of reality. Find out about Zen Buddhism, and study all the basic elements that make the Buddha Dharma so compelling to people of all walks of life.Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...*Learn about Siddartha Guatama, who became the Buddha*Find out about different Buddhist schools*Understand Meditation, mindfulness and awareness*Learn about relaxing and letting go, and its benefits*Find out what Samadhi is all about*Find out about Karma, whether good or bad.*Discover the teachings about reincarnation*Learn about impermanence, and how that affects you*Consider the status of women in Buddhism*Find out what Buddhism means in practical life*Discover the wisdom latent inside you*Learn to let go of anger and frustration*Learn how all things are connected, including you*Discover new mental possibilities*Find your own path to enlightenment* Much, much more!Make use of this book today to educate yourself about one of the most popular ideas in history - transcending the mundane and discovering the ultimate. Get to know Buddhism intimately, and understand why it has had such a powerful effect on the world.Download Today!Tags: Buddhism, Zen, Enlightenment, Samadhi, Nirvana, Dharma, Buddha, Siddartha, Guatama, Meditation, Dalai Lama, Mahayana, Theravada, Impermanence

Author : Aura Heal
Publisher :
Release :2020-04-22
Total pages :178
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9798639390142

Unlock your spirituality and discover how Buddhist principles can transform your life. Are you looking for a profound introduction to Buddha's teachings? Do you have a busy life, and you want to know how Buddhist philosophy can help you appreciate the present moment, quell anxiety, and promote feelings of peace? Then it's time to try this book. No matter how busy your life is, Buddhist teachings are essential tools for a happy and fulfilled life. They help you experience mindfulness, reduce the stress of daily activities, and promote the calm and tranquillity that comes from Zen meditation. Now, this book explores the ancient Buddhist teachings, offering you a practical roadmap to incorporating this philosophy into a modern lifestyle. Covering the Four Noble Truths, the Six Perfections, and how you can find joy in the present moment, inside you'll discover: An Exploration of Buddhism - Noble Truths, The Realms of Desire, and Much More Understanding What Reincarnation and Karma Really Mean The Powerful, Scientifically-Proven Benefits of Practicing Buddhism The Secret To Finding Joy and Contentment In The Present Moment Why YOU Should Be Practicing Meditation (and How To Start Today) Practical Methods For Incorporating Buddhism Into a Busy, Modern Life And Much More... With tips and tricks for beginners, simple yet foolproof ways to turn meditation into a lifelong habit, and how Buddhist teachings can even improve your personal and professional life, now you can explore how Buddhism will change your life even if you're always busy. So don't wait! Scroll up and Buy Now to uncover Buddhism like never before!

Author : Asvaghosha Bodhisattva,Buddha,Henry S. Olcott,Professor L. De La Vallee Poussin,Soyen Shaku,Paul Carus
Publisher : Infinite Eternity Entertainment LLC
Release :2018-08-02
Total pages :450
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781928457268

Buddhism World's Best Collection This is the best Buddhism Writings Collection available, including the most famous and important works about Buddhism. Do you want a clear, easy understanding of Buddhist concepts? Think about the calm inner peace you want...Buddhism has been practised for thousands of years, helping people achieve a stress-free outlook on life. Imagine the serenity you will find when you understand it. Imagine what your renewed life will be like.. Path To Your Calm, Stress-Free Serenity To achieve this, this collection is designed to make Buddhism simple, easy-to-follow and enjoyable, so you can apply it to your life quickly. These works are from acclaimed Buddhist Zen Masters and Experts, guaranteed to provide the rejuvenating knowledge you want. This Is The Best Buddhism Book You Can Get, Including: Zen For Americans – Sermons Of A Buddhist Abbot Historic series of electrifying lectures, explaining Buddhis, from Soyen Shaku, Buddhist Abbot, Zen Master, Elder Master, and the first Zen Master to teach in the USA. Chapters Include: What is Buddhism? Buddhist Faith God-Conception of Buddhism Buddhist Catechism - Questions And Answers In use around the world to teach Buddhism, this has simple Questions and Answers concerning Buddha and all Buddhism Concepts. Chapters Include: Understanding Dharma Buddhism and Science Fundamental Beliefs Way To Nirvana Series of lectures on Buddhism from Professor De La Valle-Poussin, holder of several Doctorates. Chapters Include: The Buddhist Soul Path to Nirvana Life Of Buddha The original epic poem about Buddha. Written by Asvaghosha Bodhisattva, the legendary Indian poet. Buddha, The Play A play and story to help make Buddhism easy to understand, written by Professor Paul Carus, Ph.D., expert in Comparative Religion and Professor of Philosophy. Your Free Bonuses: The Dhammapada (With Introduction) - Most respected Buddhist text, written by the Buddha himself, sometimes called ‘the Path to Eternal Truth’. Sutra Of The 42 Chapters (With Commentary) - The earliest Buddhist sutras (rules/formulas). Highly regarded as "the First Sutra” or first formula of Buddhism. “How to Apply Buddhism in Daily Life” - written especially for this collection. Get This Collection Right Now This is the best Buddhism collection you can get, so get it now and start living the world of Buddhism like never before!

Author : Michael Williams
Publisher :
Release :2017-09-06
Total pages :76
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 1976135427

Second Edition Now Available! "Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most."-Buddha Have you longed for a sense of peace in your life? Have you found yourself craving a kind of happiness you cannot define? Have you ever considered how Buddhism might enrich your life? Forget what you think you may know about this ancient and culturally significant religion, and open your mind to the limitless possibilities that Buddhism has in store for you. Over 2,500 years old and just as vibrant and powerful as ever, the teachings of the Buddha have transcended language, culture, and time-and remains one of the most influential forms of practice and higher thought on Earth. Learn how to ease suffering from your life and achieve ultimate happiness through the understanding and practice of Buddhist teachings. Buddhism for Beginners succeeds as a fine introduction to the Buddha's life, and how the practical application of his teachings can benefit all of us who seek a deeper connection to the world around us. Here's what to expect in the Beginners' guide: A comprehensive understanding of what Buddhism is and where it comes from Who Buddha was and how his teachings apply to the modern world Karma and why you've been looking at it the wrong way What mindfulness is and what it is not A guide to Vipassana and the art of accepting reality An introduction to meditation and its benefits A glimpse into the everyday life of monks And much, much more! Beautifully crafted and conveyed with all the gravity and loveliness its topic demands, this guide for beginners is a breath of fresh air. If you are ready to enrich your life and accept a higher way of thinking, look no further than this introductory guide to Buddhism and its benefits. Begin your journey with Buddhism for Beginners: How to Go From Beginner to Monk and Master Your Mind today. "Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are.It solely relies on what you think."

Author : Practicing Mindfulness
Publisher : Independently Published
Release :2020-04
Total pages :150
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9798633149791

Description What exactly is Buddhism? A religion? A philosophy? Buddhism is a religion, but it is not! Is Buddhism a philosophy? Yes and no! For those willing to understand Buddhism in-depth, this is a simple guide, and it touches on several topics such as Zen Buddhism, meditation, mindfulness and how to become stress- and anxiety-free. There are also some people with misconceptions about what Buddhism is all about. Your misconceptions and the grey areas will be explained in detail in this book with the hope that you will take the next steps to become a Buddhist. This book has carefully highlighted all you need to learn as a beginner Buddhist in the simplest of forms to make you easily assimilate into the Buddhist teachings. Furthermore, it's expected that when you are done reading this book, you will be able to know what Buddhism is and what Buddhism is not; you will be able to give answers to fundamental questions about Buddhism. I also hope that you will use the teachings of Buddha in this book to enhance your lifestyle and become a better person in all ramifications of life. If this is your first time reading a book on Buddhism, I want you to see it as an incredible privilege to have this book in your hand as it will be one of the most informative books you will read about Buddhism. I have taken due diligence to write extensively on Buddhism as well as share my personal thoughts to make this book more comprehensive than what you will read elsewhere. In this book, I am not going to give you an expansive load of literature about Buddhism; rather I have carefully structured the chapters and subheadings to provide you with great value as you read. The boundless opportunities and advantages inherent in reading this book are numerous and can only be quantified on a personal basis as everyone assimilates and reasons differently after reading a book. However, generally, I believe this book with its rich and extensive information about Buddhism will come in handy for every reader. I will provide a list of references for further reading about Buddhism and topics I will cover in this book. This book will provide answers to most of your questions and doubts about Buddhism; this will ensure you clear all your doubts as you move towards the concluding part of the book. Lastly, I recommend that this book should be read with an open mind in order to learn. It is not just about Buddhism; instead, it is about a lifestyle that can offer something positive to those who follow its teachings. This book is intended to be the reference point for beginner Buddhists as they will read about the fundamental principles and benefits of Buddhism. This book covers: Who Was Buddha? What is Buddhism? Buddhism philosophy The four noble truths Buddhism religion Buddhism lifestyle Zen Buddhism The different schools of Buddhism What are the 5 precepts of Buddhism? Buddhism daily practices Why you should improve your karma Practicing yoga Practicing meditation to relief the stress and think positive ...And much more Do you want to learn more? Don't wait anymore, press the buy now button and get started!!

Author : C. Alexander Simpkins,Annellen Simpkins
Publisher : Tuttle Publishing
Release :2020-12-22
Total pages :128
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781462921751

For those searching for mindful moments or for a more engaged way of navigating life in the twenty-first century, Buddhism for Beginners opens the door to understanding Buddhism's key concepts and practices. The authors tap into their years of training and study in meditation, martial arts and Eastern philosophy to bring readers a comprehensive introduction to the spiritual tenets and attainments that mark the pathway to enlightenment. In this new hardcover edition, the authors explain in clear and simple terms: The history of Buddhism The key themes and belief systems (the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path, Mahayana, nirvana and more) Ways of integrating Buddhist principles and philosophy into the everyday The organizing notions and overarching thesis of Buddhism: to live fully aware in the moment, to see things as they truly are, and to recognize yourself as part of the whole Buddhism's relevance today Buddhism for Beginners then completes this introduction to meditation and mindful moments by offering simple exercises, practices and prompts reflective and supportive of the Buddhist teachings and tenets laid out in the volume, including filling- and clearing-the-mind meditations, performing acts of compassion and inner-peace and conflict-resolution exercises. An essential purchase for people looking to integrate Buddhist principles into their lives or for those seeking a more meaningful, mindful or meditative path.

Author : Luna Sidana
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release :2018-03-03
Total pages :122
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 1986132854

A Beginner's Guide To Understanding & Practicing Buddhism Buddhism is one of the world's oldest spiritual traditions - having existed for more than 2500 years. It's currently practiced by more than 480 million people all across the globe. While countless religions have been abandoned through the centuries, the insights and practices of Buddhism are still carried on today in every corner of the world. In this beginner's guide, we will provide the basic outlines of the understanding of the world that informs Buddhist practice. Key concepts and terms will be introduced one by one. In this way, it will be easier to grasp the way Buddhists see the world and the nature of human existence. This is vital to learn if you aim to walk the path yourself. Understanding key concepts - enlightenment, true self, the nature of reality, and the causes of suffering - are fundamental to guiding meditation practice and a Buddhist way of life. During the course of this book we will explore: Siddhartha Gautama & the Origin of Buddhism The Nature Of A "Buddha" Buddhism Today The Sutras Dharma & "The Four Reliances" The Kalama Discourse The Abhidharma The Thee Major Buddhist Traditions The Three Marks of Existence & The Four Noble Truths Buddhist Cosmology The Five Skandhas The Three Poisons & The Three Jewels Meditation & Mindfulness Buddhism In Everyday Life And more! Be prepared venture onto a road of great discovery and inner peace.

Author : Edward Redding
Publisher :
Release :2020-05-21
Total pages :116
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 1087886813

Buddhism is one of the oldest religions that has been around for many millennia. Those who follow the path of Buddhism believe that it is more of a philosophy than a religion, and devote themselves entirely to the teachings of the Buddha and the lessons located within the Pāli Canon. This vast school of knowledge is one that features more than 84,000 teachings by Buddha himself and countless more by ascended Buddhas who have since followed the path of enlightenment. Choosing to follow your own path of enlightenment the Buddhist was is a sacred and powerful journey to be on. The journey includes countless opportunities to connect more deeply with the wisdom of the universe and the nature of yourself and the world around you. Through this, it is said that you deepen your experiences of good karma and find your way into the truest form of nirvana, or enlightenment.