Glass Ceilings and Asian Americans
Author : Deborah Woo
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
Release :2000
Total pages :241
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 0742503356

Throughout the history of the United States, fluctuations in cultural diversity, immigration, and ethnic group status have been closely linked to shifts in the economy and labor market. Over three decades after the beginning of the civil rights movement, and in the midst of significant socioeconomic change at the end of this century, scholars search for new ways to describe the persistent roadblocks to upward mobility that women and people of color still encounter in the workforce. In Glass Ceilings and Asian Americans, Deborah Woo analyzes current scholarship and controversies on the glass ceiling and labor market discrimination in conjunction with the specific labor histories of Asian American ethnic groups. She then presents unique, in-depth studies of two current sites--a high tech firm and higher education--to argue that a glass ceiling does in fact exist for Asian Americans, both according to quantifiable data and to Asian American workers' own perceptions of their workplace experiences. Woo's studies make an important contribution to understanding the increasingly complex and subtle interactions between ethnicity and organizational cultures in today's economic institutions and labor markets.

Glass Ceilings and 100-Hour Couples
Author : Karine S. Moe,Dianna J. Shandy
Publisher : University of Georgia Press
Release :2010-02-25
Total pages :232
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 0820336084

When significant numbers of college-educated American women began, in the early twenty-first century, to leave paid work to become stay-at-home mothers, an emotionally charged national debate erupted. Karine Moe and Dianna Shandy, a professional economist and an anthropologist, respectively, decided to step back from the sometimes overheated rhetoric around the so-called mommy wars. They wondered what really inspired women to opt out, and they wanted to gauge the phenomenon’s genuine repercussions. Glass Ceilings and 100-Hour Couples is the fruit of their investigation—a rigorous, accessible, and sympathetic reckoning with this hot-button issue in contemporary life. Drawing on hundreds of interviews from around the country, original survey research, and national labor force data, Moe and Shandy refocus the discussion of women who opt out from one where they are the object of scrutiny to one where their aspirations and struggles tell us about the far broader swath of American women who continue to juggle paid work and family. Moe and Shandy examine the many pressures that influence a woman’s decision to resign, reduce, or reorient her career. These include the mismatch between child-care options and workplace demands, the fact that these women married men with demanding careers, the professionalization of stay-at-home motherhood, and broad failures in public policy. But Moe and Shandy are equally attentive to the resilience of women in the face of life decisions that might otherwise threaten their sense of self-worth. Moe and Shandy find, for instance, that women who have downsized their careers stress the value of social networks—of “running with a pack of smart women” who’ve also chosen to emphasize motherhood over paid work.

Cracking the Highest Glass Ceiling
Author : Rainbow Murray
Publisher : ABC-CLIO
Release :2010
Total pages :267
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9780313382482

This examination of the role of gender stereotyping in media coverage of executive elections uses nine case studies from around the world to provide a unique comparative perspective. * Essays by 13 distinguished scholars combining research on gender and elections with expertise in a particular country * A table highlighting key findings for each case study, facilitating comparison in a way that has not previously been possible * A bibliography that brings together readings on gender, elections, and media stereotyping from the United States and eight other countries around the world

Glass Ceilings and Dirt Floors
Author : Christine Firer Hinze
Publisher : Paulist Press
Release :2015-05-07
Total pages :144
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 0809149168

Drawing on Catholic social thought, social science, and gender studies, the lecture builds on data concerning women's market and household work to argue that twenty-first-century economies must pursue, as their overriding aim, sustainable sufficiency for every household and for the "world house."

Glass Ceilings and Bottomless Pits
Author : Randy Pearl Albelda,Randy Lalbelda,Chris Tilly
Publisher : South End Press
Release :1997
Total pages :221
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 0896085651

'This extraordinarily lucid book demonstrates that women from all walks of life get the short end of the stick because of their gender. From welfare mothers to corporate executives, Albelda and Tilly show and why the powers-that-be benefit from scapegoating and marginalizing women.' Professor Mimi Abramowitz, author, Regulating the Lives of WomenA cogent analysis of the economic and social realities for women in the United States, across class lines. In an age when the right wing manipulates the dialogue around women's issues to separate middle- and upper-class women from their poorer sisters this book's facts, figures, and analysis provide a much needed antidote.

Genetic Glass Ceilings
Author : Jonathan Gressel
Publisher : JHU Press
Release :2020-03-03
Total pages :488
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781421429137

As the world’s population rises to an expected ten billion in the next few generations, the challenges of feeding humanity and maintaining an ecological balance will dramatically increase. Today we rely on just four crops for 80 percent of all consumed calories: wheat, rice, corn, and soybeans. Indeed, reliance on these four crops may also mean we are one global plant disease outbreak away from major famine. In this revolutionary and controversial book, Jonathan Gressel argues that alternative plant crops lack the genetic diversity necessary for wider domestication and that even the Big Four have reached a "genetic glass ceiling": no matter how much they are bred, there is simply not enough genetic diversity available to significantly improve their agricultural value. Gressel points the way through the glass ceiling by advocating transgenics—a technique where genes from one species are transferred to another. He maintains that with simple safeguards the technique is a safe solution to the genetic glass ceiling conundrum. Analyzing alternative crops—including palm oil, papaya, buckwheat, tef, and sorghum—Gressel demonstrates how gene manipulation could enhance their potential for widespread domestication and reduce our dependency on the Big Four. He also describes a number of ecological benefits that could be derived with the aid of transgenics. A compelling synthesis of ideas from agronomy, medicine, breeding, physiology, population genetics, molecular biology, and biotechnology, Genetic Glass Ceilings presents transgenics as an inevitable and desperately necessary approach to securing and diversifying the world's food supply.

Breaking Through the Glass Ceilings
Author : Lesley Abdela
Publisher : Nelson Thornes
Release :1991
Total pages :90
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 1874025991

Glass Walls and Glass Ceilings
Author : Margaret F. Reid,Margaret F.. Reid,Brinck Kerr,Will Miller
Publisher : Penn State Press
Release :2003
Total pages :150
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 0275971953

Reid, Kerr, and Miller provide the first book-length, systematic national analysis of female representational patterns in state and municipal bureaucracies. They find that despite three decades of affirmative legislation, women remain underrepresented in the highest and best-paying positions in administrative and professional posts. These findings are critical to the democratic legitimacy of public agencies at a time when trust in public institutions is low.

Grass Roots and Glass Ceilings
Author : William B. Harvey
Publisher : SUNY Press
Release :1999-04-01
Total pages :169
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 0791441644

African American university and college presidents, vice presidents, and deans offer firsthand reflections on their encounters with racism in higher education and the strategies they use to overcome obstacles they face.

Glass Ceilings and Open Doors
Author : N.A
Publisher :
Release :1995
Total pages :159
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : IND:30000047397983