Author : Sheila Dinn
Publisher : Blackbirch PressInc
Release :1996
Total pages :96
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : PSU:000031404020

Covers the history of the Special Olympics, the various events in which mentally and physically handicapped athletes compete, and some of the people involved in this international competition.

Author : E. Michael Caner
Publisher :
Release :1995
Total pages :445
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 1556300298

Author : Clive Sinclair
Publisher : Halban
Release :2014-05-15
Total pages :300
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781905559725

Tales of America, adultery, football, incest, love, paranoia, sadism and Zionism.... Wickedly funny these stories may be, but heartless they are not. Disturbing images abound; like the loving family that feasts upon living butterflies; and other images that connect the themes with places deeper than the mind. The narrators are an extraordinary group: a berserk psychiatrist, a giraffe, a man with an invisible creature on his back, a Jewish private eye, a communist with a bowel fixation, and various other disillusioned souls. None the less, each story is lucid, concisely written and has a strong sense of location. In The Promised Land a diaspora Jew travels to Israel determined to plant his seed, only to find himself excluded from his erotic paradise. In Le Docteur Enchaîné, a London psychiatrist decides that he can only find satisfaction with a dumb woman and takes the remedy into his own hands. In The Luftmensh, Joshua Smolinsky, trailing a missing writer to New Orleans, becomes involved with ghosts from American and Jewish history. In A Moment of Happiness a Czech hypochondriac manipulates two tourists into providing him with 'that single 1/60th of a second when I am not afraid'.... Clive Sinclair has created a wryly alluring world in which the neuroti, the outsiders, become the spokesmen best equipped to deal with the hardness at its core. Like the surprising artichoke in the title piece, his stories have hearts of gold. "I found Hearts of Gold quite wonderful ... And all this despite my immense dislike for football, cunts and national movements of any kind. So it had to be a very good book ... and it was." Sir Angus Wilson "Evil, entertaining little fictions... Clive Sinclair is fluent, inventive, linguistically gifted" Victoria Glendinning, Sunday Times "Extremely sexy, wry, likeable, tortured, these stories crackle with talent" Jacky Gillott, The Times "Fireworks of all kinds explode in Clive Sinclair's first collection of short stories .... Hearts of Gold is remarkable" John Mellors, Listener

Author : Jessica Stirling
Publisher : Hodder & Stoughton
Release :2012-06-21
Total pages :480
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781444744927

The final novel in Stirling's historical Patterson trilogy concludes the engrossing family saga set in 19th century Scotland. Elspeth and Anna Patterson have at last to face the disgrace that has stalked them since childhood. Driven from home by fear and shame, Elspeth and her baby find refuge among coal miners, where she becomes a harness-wife on the deep sea-coast pits of the Forth. Anna, cast off by her lover, Randall Bontine, sets out to ensnare a wealthy new husband. But Anna's ambition may ruin her life, and bring to Elspeth the fulfilment of the destiny that is her birthright...

Author : Janet Woods
Publisher : Severn House Publishers Ltd
Release :2012-12-01
Total pages :224
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781780103761

A romance set against the background of the Australian Gold Rush Western Australia, 1890. Sarette Maitland is orphaned when her father dies of a snake bite on the goldfields. Rescued by adventurer John Kern, she takes the place of his own dead daughter in his heart. When tragedy strikes and Kern is killed, Sarette is introduced to Kern's nephew, Magnus, whose honesty and heart are tested when he discovers his uncles has left Sarette a considerable fortune . . .

Author : Phoebe Conn
Publisher : ePublishing Works!
Release :2014-11-17
Total pages :350
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781614176947

At the edge of her father's property, Lyse Shelby finds Buck Warren, wounded, and agrees to secretly nurse him back to heath, if he takes her with him when he goes. Buck is chasing the man who killed his best friend. He has no time for a scrawny damsel in distress, or for love. That's fine with Lyse. All she needs is a little help escaping her abusive father so she can make a life of her own. But as Buck seeks revenge upon a murderer, Lyse makes an unexpected discovery: her new life isn't as attractive as she'd hoped without the man she loves. AWARDS: Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award, Best Romantic Historical Adventure HEARTS OF CALIFORNIA, in series order Hearts of Gold No Sweeter Ecstasy Tempt Me With Kisses Also by Phoebe Conn... THE HEARTS OF LIBERTY, in series order Savage Destiny Defiant Destiny Forbidden Destiny Wild Destiny Scarlet Destiny

Author : Robie Rogge,Dian Smith
Publisher : Clarkson Potter
Release :2019-12-17
Total pages :192
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781524762322

Heart of Gold is brimming with creative ideas for volunteering and community service. With prompts for simple acts of kindness and service, like smiling at a stranger, planting a tree or flowers in your community, or taking a shelter dog for a walk, and gold sticker hearts for marking your finished good deeds, this charming and hard-working little book will help you make the world a better place day by day.

Author : Elizabeth Parker
Publisher :
Release :2014-04-22
Total pages :104
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781312128378

A child should feel the safety of their parent's touch, the warmth of their compassion and the benevolence of their soul. For Peyton Bishop, it was quite the opposite. A victim of domestic abuse, Peyton, along with her mother, Morgan lived under constant fear of her father. When Morgan sustains an injury from one of the beatings, Peyton needs to spend the night at her grandparents. As a method of enforcing her silence, her father gets rid of her golden retriever, Teddy and makes her believe it is her fault, showing her once again who is boss. Once Morgan recovers, she promises that she will bring Peyton to safety in hopes of living a normal life, but Peyton continues to suffer from the sting of her father's words, an overwhelming guilt about losing Teddy. A fictional story, centered around hope, love and loyalty between a child and her dog, that depicts emotional scars left from child abuse.

Author : J. McHenry Jones
Publisher :
Release :2010
Total pages :306
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 193320253X

J. McHenry Jones's Hearts of Gold is a gripping tale of post-Civil War battles against racism and systemic injustice. Originally published in 1896, this novel reveals an African American community of individuals dedicated to education, journalism, fraternal organizations, and tireless work serving the needs of those abandoned by the political process of the white world. Jones challenges conventional wisdom by addressing a range of subjects--from interracial relationships to forced labor in coal mines--that virtually no other novelist of the time was willing to approach. With the addition of an introduction and appendix, this new edition reveals the difficult foundations upon which African Americans built a platform to address injustice; generate opportunities; and play a prominent role in American social, economic, and political life.

Author : Catrin Collier
Publisher : Accent Press (UK)
Release :2013-07
Total pages :560
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 1909840777

Trainee midwife Bethan Powell lives in the shadow of the workhouse during the Depression. It's difficult to say which is harder for her and fellow nurse Laura Ronconi - their gruelling work in the hospital, or the frictions and financial hardships at home. Bethan's Communist miner father, rigidly Chapel mother, unruly brothers and delightful but dubiously honest aunt, and Laura's vast Italian cafe-running family, cause the girls as much worry as any difficult case or strict ward sister. But working-class Pontypridd agrees on one thing - the 'crache', or gentry, who live in the big houses on the Common, may be just the other side of town, but they inhabit a different world. So when Bethan and Laura are smitten by two young doctors, can love really bridge the divide? Or is the pull of family too strong, the gulf too wide?