Author : Mark Bittman,David Katz
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin
Release :2020
Total pages :256
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9780358128823

Easy-to-understand rules for eating right, from food expert Mark Bittman and Yale physician David Katz, MD, based on their hit Grub Street article

Author : Nigella Lawson
Publisher : Random House
Release :2014-09-04
Total pages :544
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781407086262

Relax and relish Nigella Lawson's delicious prose in her first, revelatory cookery book, published as a reading edition in Vintage Classics for the first time to celebrate twenty years of How to Eat. WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY JEANETTE WINTERSON ‘How to eat, how to cook, how to write: I want two copies of this book, one to reference in the kitchen and one to read in bed’ Yotam Ottolenghi When Nigella Lawson’s first book, How to Eat, was published in 1998, two things were immediately clear: that this fresh and fiercely intelligent voice would revolutionise cookery writing, and that How to Eat was an instant classic of the genre. Here was a versatile culinary bible, through which a generation discovered how to feel at home in the kitchen and found the confidence to experiment and adapt recipes to their own needs. This was the book to reach for when hastily organising a last-minute supper with friends, when planning a luxurious weekend lunch or contemplating a store-cupboard meal for one, or when trying to tempt a fussy toddler. This was a book about home cooking for busy lives. The chief revelation was the writing. Rather than a set of intimidating instructions, Nigella’s recipes provide inspiration. She has a gift for finding the right word to spark the reader’s imagination, evoking the taste of the ingredients, the simple, sensual pleasures of the practical process, the deep reward of the finished dish. Passionate, trenchant, convivial and wise, Nigella’s prose demands to be savoured, and ensures that the joy and value of How to Eat will endure for decades to come.

Author : Elijah Muhammad
Publisher : Elijah Muhammad Books
Release :2008-10-10
Total pages :123
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781884855726

"In this book, ... Messenger Elijah Muhammad ... follows the tradition of the prophets and apostles teaching as they did not only of spiritual enlightenment but also of physical well-being. We now have the opportunity of eating with a Divine man of God as the disciples ate with Jesus"--Introduction, page 4 of cover.

Author : International United Business, Inc.
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Release :2012-12-11
Total pages :139
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781479757923

How to Eat : A New Proactive Diet Approach for a Better Life Most people do not know how to eat right. There are many pitfalls about foods in the modern environment. This book is a different kind of how-to-eat book that provides a new comprehensive guide to help individuals achieve advanced level of eating and life-long healthy weight. Most diet plans are not working for dieters because they only focus on foods and nutrients without consideration of habits and biology factors that are equally important in daily food choices. Suddenly including many new and unfamiliar foods in their daily diet and having to give up many familiar foods that they are used to eating for years is a major disruption both biologically and psychologically to dieters. Most dieters do not have enough willpower to sustain this kind of unnatural change demanded by these diet plans. Studies found that the hormones in our body work against weight loss by increasing our craving for food and lowering the bodys metabolism rate when weight loss occurs. Many dieters have tried diet plans or quick-fix programs to lose weight often in a short period of time. By reviewing and analyzing 31 long-term diet studies rigorously, UCLA researchers concluded that over 83% of dieters regained most of the lost weight after two years. This book offers a new proactive diet approach (PDA) based on foods, habits, and biology factors. PDA has four practical and effective strategies that people can easily adopt in their own pace, enjoy and get more out of their eating every day: Eat the best foods Avoid the worst foods Achieve life-long healthy weight Choose organic PDA offers a new paradigm to manage weight based on an individuals unique need and situation. Instead of a diet program that dictates what you eat, PDA lets you proactively make small and gradual changes based on your own pace that lead to habits that stick. No matter which strategy individual dieters choose to execute fully or partially, dieters are making positive progress toward the goal of healthy weight. PDA does not cause stress or guilt that is commonly associated with other diet programs. Wellbeing is not just about weight loss, it is about the absence of disease, being free of pains, having youthfulness and longevity, your body being in a state with energy, having vitality, and being able to enjoy food and life to the fullest extent. This book provides a unique and potentially life changing how-to-eat approach to help you achieve the wellbeing that you want for your life.

Author : Ashley Blom
Publisher : Quirk Books
Release :2017-04-04
Total pages :160
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781594749223

Learn the answers to modern food and etiquette questions with this beautifully illustrated guide. For adventurous foodies everywhere, How to Eat a Lobster is the perfect handbook for handling every tricky dining situation you can imagine (and a few you can’t) with grace, style, and minimal splatter. With easy-to-follow instructions and helpful illustrations, you’ll learn the answers to 50 food-related questions you’ve been afraid to ask. (What do you do when crawfish arrive? Twist and snap off the head. Peel the tail and pull out the meat. Then suck the juices from the head. Seriously: you’re supposed to!) Equal parts cheat sheet and cheerleader, How to Eat a Lobster not only shows you how to open a coconut—it shows that you can! Topics include: How to Eat Crawfish How to Eat Raw Oysters How to Eat Escargots How to Open a Coconut How to Slice a Mango How to Use Chopsticks How to Hold a Wineglass How to Use Bread as a Utensil How to Eat Sushi How to Recover from a Tongue Burn And more!

Author : Thich Nhat Hanh
Publisher : Parallax Press
Release :2014-08-01
Total pages :128
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781937006730

How to Eat is part of the Mindfulness Essentials Series by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, illuminating the basics of mindfulness practice. These short meditations cover everything from eating with others and enjoying our food to connecting with the Earth. Nhat Hanh inspires a joyful and sustainable relationship with all aspects of eating, including gardening, food shopping, preparing, serving, and even clearning up after a meal. How to Eat is a welcome reminder that the benefits of mindful eating are both personal and global. With sumi ink drawings by Jason DeAntonis.

Author : Laurie M. Aesoph
Publisher : Penguin
Release :1996-10-01
Total pages :352
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781101664728

This completely revised and updated version of the perennial bestseller offers you a detailed, easy-to-follow program for treating arthritis at home, based on a simple diet of health-building foods. With this book, you can relieve or even reverse most cases of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis without expensive drugs or equipment. The key is to substitute "restorative foods" for certain inflammation-generating foods, tap your inner well-springs of good health, and practice easy-to-do exercises for increased flexibility. You will discover: • The incredible arthritis-healing and health-renewing powers of restorative foods • How to maximize your chances for complete recovery of arthritis • Aspirin-free ways to reduce pain and inflammation • "Stressor foods" to avoid that block the healing of arthritis • Simple tests to help you pinpoint the foods that can aggravate your arthritis • Easy diet changes that eliminate joint inflammation, gout, migraines, osteoarthritis, lupus, and more No matter how old you are or how long you've suffered from arthritis, with this program you can help overcome arthritis and free yourself of debilitating pain in just a few weeks.

Author : Thomas Clark Hinkle
Publisher : The Floating Press
Release :2009-05-01
Total pages :98
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781775410409

These days, millions of people around the world suffer from debilitating anxiety, and despite precipitous increases in the number of prescriptions issued for these types of troubling psychological symptoms, the prevalence of the problem seems only to worsen. In this back-to-basics approach to the problem, physician Thomas Clark Hinkle presents the details of a carefully developed nutritional program designed to help readers suffering from nervousness loosen the grip of crippling anxiety.

Author : Ellyn Satter
Publisher : Bull Publishing Company
Release :2012-06-01
Total pages :396
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781936693290

Answering a multitude of questions—such as What should a parent do with a child who wants to snack continuously? How should parents deal with a young teen who has declared herself a vegetarian and refuses to eat any type of meat? Or What can parents do with a child who claims he doesn't like what's been prepared, only to turn around and eat it at his friend's house?—this guide explores the relationship between parents, children, and food in a warm, friendly, and supportive way.

Author : Dueep Jyot Singh,John Davidson
Publisher : Mendon Cottage Books
Release :2015-12-31
Total pages :43
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781311817112

Table of Contents Introduction Mindful Eating Chapter #1: What is Mindful Eating and What are the Benefits Overeaters Chapter #2: Types of Overeaters Chapter #3: Food Preferences for Different Overeaters Food Transit Time Chapter #4: Food Transit Time Chapter #5: Improving Your Food Transit Time Learning Tips and Tricks for Controlled Eating Chapter #6: Tips for Eating Mindfully Chapter #7: Five Tricks to Keep Your Stomach Happy for Hours Trick #1: Eat foods with a high water content Tip #2: Eat foods with high fiber content Tip #3: Add more proteins than starches to your diet Trick #4: Use smaller plates and bowls for eating and large glasses for drinking water Trick #5: End with tea Mindful Workout Chapter #8: Techniques/Exercises for Practicing a Mindful Workout Conclusion: References Author Bio Publisher Introduction With the revolution in cooking ingredients and networking, where we can easily share and make recipes of different states, countries, and continents just to satisfy our taste buds and have variety, there is no doubt we crave for something different every day. A new recipe, a new spice, or a new taste not only makes us crave for more, but results in mindless eating without even thinking how much harm the food will do to us and to our digestive system. The result of which has been obesity and a number of diseases. Beyond this, the researchers and nutritionists have been following some simple tips and tricks and exercises, which not only help us enjoy all the flavors of the food, but also help us in controlling our portion size and motivating us to eat in a proper manner. The following eBook helps us understand the concept of mindful eating, its benefits, simple tips, and exercises for eating mindfully. It also gives us an insight into the food transit time, type of over eater we are, and helps us to work towards eating less and appropriate food, as per our needs and habits.