Author : Dietrich Bonhoeffer,Samuel Wells
Publisher : SCM Press
Release :2015-01-31
Total pages :112
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9780334049760

This short book is a reflection on life as an intentional Christian community, written by Bonhoeffer during his time as a head of the Illegal Seminary of the Confessing Church in Finkenwalde (Eastern Prussia). The book has become a spiritual classic in which many Christians of a wide variety of backgrounds and contexts have found meaning and encouragement.

Author : James Werning
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
Release :2017-09-08
Total pages :260
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781532612268

Welcome to the neighborhood of your dreams. Here you’ll find great friends. Help and encouragement. Shared meals and resources. Family gatherings. These pages present a parade of homes like you’ve never imagined . . . neighborhoods, farms, apartments, and houses in which Christians are discovering the key to contentment in community. It’s nothing new. Community was God’s idea in the garden. Sure, it was twisted by the fall, but the early church’s example of healthy community is being re-experienced by many believers today. Maybe you’re considering a move to an intentional community. Or maybe you want to develop deeper friendships and commitment without going anywhere at all. Then read on. These people can lead you to the next step, through engaging stories of brokenness, joyful surrender, creative awakenings, and simple childlikeness. Enjoy this colorful tour of some of the most alive and authentic communities in America today. This could be the most satisfying journey home that you have ever taken.

Author : Ralph Berry
Publisher :
Release :
Total pages :329
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781684700899

Author : Tony Payne,Chase Kuhn,Ed Shaw,Graham Beynon,Kristen Birkett,Richard Borgonon,Paul Grimmond,Michael Stead,Phillip Jensen,Rob Smith,Dominic Steele,Elsie Anderson,Karina Brabham,Sam Davidson,Michael Figueira,Steve Gibbins,Dan Gillis,Rachel Huntington
Publisher : Centre for Christian Living
Release :2020-03-01
Total pages :333
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES

How should we deal with our guilt and shame? How should we think about freedom? What is Spirit-inspired Christian living? How does our understanding of hell affect the way we live the Christian life? The Christian gospel transforms every aspect of our lives. If we don’t understand that, we don’t understand Christianity. The Centre for Christian Living, which operates out of Moore Theological College in Sydney, aims to bring biblical ethics to everyday issues—taking the theology and knowledge of God and showing how it shapes and directs every aspect of our daily lives. To that end, we have compiled this annual, which collects some of the material from our activities during 2019: essays from our public events, highlights from our podcast and articles by members of our student team at Moore College. Our hope is that you will find this collection helpful and encouraging as you live out the Christian life.

Author : Stina Kielsmeier-Cook
Publisher : InterVarsity Press
Release :2020-09-08
Total pages :248
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9780830853373

When her husband left Christianity several years into their marriage, Stina Kielsmeier-Cook was left struggling to live the Christian life on her own. In this memoir, she tells the story of her mixed-faith marriage and how she found unexpected community with an order of Catholic nuns, discovering that she was not "spiritually single" after all—and that no one really is.

Author : Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Publisher : Westminster John Knox Press
Release :2012
Total pages :98
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9780664238490

Forty stirring devotions for Lent and Easter, from Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Author : Allan Hugh Cole
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
Release :2015-01-15
Total pages :178
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781630878306

This collection of essays considers topics in pastoral theology, pastoral care and counseling, pastoral leadership, and social work, and attends to challenges and opportunities pertaining to the support and care of persons in need. Of interest to ministers, chaplains, pastoral counselors, and social workers, these essays focus particularly on human experiences, needs, or concerns that relate to matters of mental health and religious faith or spirituality. Converging Horizons demonstrates approaches to integrative work that draws on multiple fields of theory and practice in service to the goal of providing a range of caregivers with ways to both conceptualize and engage their important work.

Author : Vernon T. Jones
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
Release :2013-08-16
Total pages :108
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781621898375

For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope. Jeremiah 29:11 How do we know God's plans for us? How do we know God leads and talks to us daily? How do we become more disciplined in our spiritual walk in order to better hear God's voice and guidance in our lives? There are no easy answers to these questions. However, when we are intentional in our times of prayer, Bible study, and reflection, the Holy Spirit opens our hearts to God's love, allowing us to see opportunities for further direction and growth. Discipleship--A Lifelong Spiritual Pilgrimage offers guidance and gives support to those already involved in this pilgrimage plus encouragement to those wanting to do more in developing good discipleship practices.

Author : Robertson McQuilkin,Paul Copan
Publisher : InterVarsity Press
Release :2013-03-25
Total pages :669
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9780830864812

What should we do or not do? This comprehensive text on biblical ethics is completely revised, focusing on how we fulfill the purposes of God for our lives. New content includes discussions of living virtuously, ethical alternatives, bioethical issues, technology, helping the poor, animal rights, sexual ethics, and the media.

Author : Catherine Edwards Sanders
Publisher : Shaw Books
Release :2005
Total pages :233
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : UOM:39015063235108

Traces the author's one-year journey into the Wiccan culture where she interviewed neo-pagans and witches in her quest to understand modern pagan spirituality, explaining the growing attraction of this religion that celebrates the wonder of creation and the life-giving energy of women. Original.