No Matter What
Author : Debi Gliori
Publisher : A&C Black
Release :2014-02-13
Total pages :32
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781408839058

A little fox is in a big bad mood, and is worried that its mother won't love it forever. In this beautiful and lyrical picture book we see a clever and resourceful mother prove to her child that a parents love is limitless - no matter what! In this reassuring and warm picture book the hugely talented Debi Gliori manages to treat the familiar subject of childhood worries in a very fresh, original and inventive way. 'this is an instant childhood classic for anyone over the age of three' Independent On Sunday 'the literary equivalent of a big hug' The Times 'With gentle rhyming text, humorous pictorial detail and themes which can be explored and re-explored, this is a brilliant gem of a book.' The Guardian Brilliantly read by Amelia Fox. Please note that audio is not supported by all devices, please consult your user manual for confirmation.

No Matter What, You Can Rejoice
Author : Michelle Grover
Publisher : Journeyforth
Release :2008
Total pages :115
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 1591668204

Sometimes life gets ugly; and maybe, once in a while, your attitude does too. But one Person is always kind, loving, and amazing, no matter what. He gives each of His daughters the chance to be like Him. Michelle Grover takes a tour through creation with the psalmist and discovers all the amazing things that nature can tell us about God. He stretches out the heavens like a curtain, clothes Himself with light, and walks on the wings of the wind. Michelle assures teen girls that a powerful God like that will never let them down no matter what.

No Matter What, Count Your Blessings!
Author : Giovanna Cantini Vespa
Publisher :
Release :
Total pages :329
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781483482163

No Matter What
Author : Beverly Ann Morris
Publisher :
Release :2020-03-14
Total pages :226
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 0985972211

No Matter What is a dramatic fiction Novel about several relationships where against all odds stay together. There are many challenges and situations that would make most people walk away, yet these people stay together and work through their issues "no matter what"!

Write No Matter What
Author : Joli Jensen
Publisher : University of Chicago Press
Release :2017-04-28
Total pages :192
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9780226461847

With growing academic responsibilities, family commitments, and inboxes, scholars are struggling to fulfill their writing goals. A finished book—or even steady journal articles—may seem like an impossible dream. But, as Joli Jensen proves, it really is possible to write happily and productively in academe. Jensen begins by busting the myth that universities are supportive writing environments. She points out that academia, an arena dedicated to scholarship, offers pressures that actually prevent scholarly writing. She shows how to acknowledge these less-than-ideal conditions, and how to keep these circumstances from draining writing time and energy. Jensen introduces tools and techniques that encourage frequent, low-stress writing. She points out common ways writers stall and offers workarounds that maintain productivity. Her focus is not on content, but on how to overcome whatever stands in the way of academic writing. Write No Matter What draws on popular and scholarly insights into the writing process and stems from Jensen’s experience designing and directing a faculty writing program. With more than three decades as an academic writer, Jensen knows what really helps and hinders the scholarly writing process for scholars in the humanities, social sciences,and sciences. Cut down the academic sword of Damocles, Jensen advises. Learn how to write often and effectively, without pressure or shame. With her encouragement, writers of all levels will find ways to create the writing support they need and deserve.

You Can be Happy No Matter what
Author : Richard Carlson
Publisher : New World Library
Release :1997
Total pages :141
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 1577310640

Offers advice for readers to overcome adversity and cope with the challenges and painful aspects of life

No Matter What
Author : Sam Silverstein
Publisher : Sound Wisdom
Release :2018-09-18
Total pages :176
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781640950177

What if the secret to being your best, attracting people and leading people was merely knowing what, why and how to commit to people? All you have ever wanted was to have more meaningful relationships, attract others to your cause and be able to make a difference in the lives of the people around you. You can have all this and more when you harness the power of the commitment. No Matter What starts with a simple “Yes” that forms a commitment you make to yourself and to the people around you. You will discover that, No Matter What, you will be able to: Make your word your bond Know and live your values Help people be their very best Create a good reputation in a troubled world Develop and sustain sound financial principles No Matter What is simple, powerful and life changing. When you start right now you will be committing to a better future for yourself and the people around you, No Matter What! For over 25 years, Sam Silverstein has helped people and organizations be the very best they can be. Sam will share the truth of what accountability is, why it is the most powerful change agent in existence and how you can harness the power of commitment in 10 specific and defining areas. Sam has worked with companies, government agencies and individuals around the world helping them create their best possible self through the power of accountability. Thousands of people have put Sam’s philosophies and tools to work as they have grown and prospered.

Author : Paul Wilson
Publisher : Macmillan
Release :2014
Total pages :181
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 1405039345

In these pages you'll find what it takes to have an underlying sense of calm and equilibrium you can rely on the whole of your life.This is much more than an emotional state. It's a way of squeezing the most out of the up times, coping with the down times, and bouncing right back when things go completely off the rails. And best of all it requires no special skills and no effort.Calm: No Matter What shows you how to do this with one simple technique.Having sold more than 10 million 'calm' books, Paul Wilson is internationally known as "The Guru of Calm". He has taught more than a million people to meditate.

Soar Unafraid
Author : Jo Franz
Publisher : Tate Publishing
Release :2007-06-01
Total pages :353
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781602470927

Just when life bloomed full of promise, multiple sclerosis attacked Jo's body. How would she cope with this erratic disease? How could she overcome her husband's betrayal? Unveiling her struggles to understand-not merely survive-MS and her painful unwanted divorce, transforming them into meaningful life experiences, author Jo Franz leads readers through her story of perseverance and continually growing faith. Not only learning who she is, but to whom she belongs, Jo finds love and triumphant victories despite abuse, abandonment and physical injury, showing the world how she can "Soar Unafraid." After reading "Soar Unafraid" I got to know another Jo-one who has been through more than I had ever known. Her deep faith, courage and perseverance are a lesson for us all. Katie Croskrey Executive Director, American Diabetes Association, San Diego, CA (former vice president, National MS Society, Orange County, CA) It's the tale of a life faithfully lived. What a vulnerable, powerful testimony! In persevering and growing toward God even in difficulties and disappointments, Jo gives inspiration, pointing us toward the grace, redemption, and hope found in Christ. Gary Thomas author of "Sacred Marriage and Sacred Influence" With tender vulnerability and biblical wisdom, Jo shares her journey of physical and emotional healing. Her faith challenges and inspires me. I enthusiastically recommend this book. Sandra D. Wilson, PhD. seminary professor, spiritual director, and retired family therapist author of "Released From Shame and Into Abba's Arms"

No Matter What, The Past Cannot Change
Author : Ma Howard
Publisher :
Release :2020-05-11
Total pages :52
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 1944486526

One woman's story of abuse, tragedy, and overcoming adversity to find herself and her voice. M.A. Howard is truly a survivor!