Author : Lila Rose
Publisher : Lila Rose
Release :2019-05-21
Total pages :140
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES

Violet Marcus’s life is settled. She has it all: a place of her own, a business where her temper has its uses, and great people who work for her. But something is missing. The problem is, her stubbornness refuses to admit how lonely she actually is. She lost the one man she thought she could marry, a university love, but when their careers drive them in different directions they went their separate ways. Now he’s back. He’s also changed. Unsure if she wants to hug him or throat punch him, she keeps her distance. Or tries to. Travis Stewart moves to Ballarat for one reason—to have Violet back in his life. His love has never diminished. Not through the years, the distance, or even in the underworld he finds himself a part of. He will always love her. Now he just has to convince Violet that his heart is hers, and his soul isn’t as black as it seems. His mission is simple: get Violet to understand they have a future together before getting kneed in the balls. Easy, especially as he refuses to be outplayed.

Author : Hayley Osborn
Publisher :
Release :2019-09-07
Total pages :354
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 0473494876

When the past haunts your dreams, how do you live in the present? Just when Maryanne Warren has made her choice--stay in the twelfth century with Robin Hood--she's dragged back to live in her own time. She gets to hug her little brother, and she'll never tire of long, hot showers, but the past haunts her. Every night, Maryanne is plagued by terrifying dreams of the people she left behind: Rob's friends with horrendous injuries; villages burnt and broken; Rob's legend in tatters. And worst of all, Rob dying with an arrow through his back. They're not just dreams, they're warnings. If she doesn't do something, Rob will be dead within the month. Saving him means returning to the past, and that has its own challenges. If her dreams are correct, Gisborne's alive and he wants her dead. Maryanne must decide if she can say goodbye to her family forever, knowing that if she doesn't find a way to stop Gisborne, Rob won't be the only one who doesn't make it to the end of the month.

Author : Tucker
Publisher :
Release :2017-12-23
Total pages :216
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 0999495240

Boredom has become a terminal illness for the people of Earth. They are slowly losing interest in everything, including themselves. Curiosity is the cure, but the evil mastermind responsible for the epidemic stands in their way. An inexperienced team led by Charcoal, an inhabitant of the planet Syl'Vael, must try to outplay the clever villain that always seems to be one step ahead. Only then can the imagination of Earth be restored.

Author : Jacob W. Glazier
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
Release :2019-12-26
Total pages :232
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781350085831

Bringing thinking from the arts and digital humanities into dialogue with one another, this book investigates what it means to be alive in a world that is structured by technology, the media, and an ever expanding sense of a global community. In this unique time in our history, when we are bombarded by signs and symbols and constantly connected into gadgets, apps, and networks, it has become increasingly difficult to navigate what has been dubbed a 'post-truth' world. Critiques taken from post-colonial studies and neoanimism help challenge the paranoia that has become endemic and, indeed, symptomatic to global realities we are now witnessing. This pertains not only to the ecological degradation of the planet but also to the lingering remnants of eurocentrism and racism that have taken the forms of nationalism and fascism. As a guide, an updated version of what Michel Foucault called an arts of existence may help us sail in these treacherous and confusing waters. Diving into post-structuralist French theory, through American feminism, and emerging out of media studies, this book argues for an ethical and aesthetic form of self-fashioning that runs counter to processes subjection and mediatization. This craft of life, as Plato called it, is a space of disjunction and liberation, between subjectivity and other, where something new and different has the potential to emerge and mould to our likeness.

Author : Cat Hulbert
Publisher : Workman Publishing
Release :2005
Total pages :342
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 076113980X

A women's guide to poker explains how competitive players can become experts at the game, with 125 annotated tips on strategy, bluffing, reading one's fellow players, and more, focusing on two popular games--Texas Hold'em and Seven-Card Stud--and including a helpful glossary of terms, expert advice, and a recommended reading list. Original.

Author : Nam H Nguyen
Publisher : Nam H Nguyen
Release :2018-03-16
Total pages :2431
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES

The entire dictionary is an alphabetical list of English words and their French equivalent translations. It will be very useful for everyone (home, school, students, travel, interpreting and learning French or English). Hela ordlistan är en alfabetisk lista över engelska ord och deras franska ekvivalenta översättningar. Det kommer att vara mycket användbart för alla (hem, skola, studenter, resor, tolkning och lärande franska eller engelska).

Author : Earl Monroe,Quincy Troupe
Publisher : Rodale Books
Release :2013-04-23
Total pages :432
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781609615628

Earl "The Pearl" Monroe is a basketball legend whose impact on the game transcends statistics, a player known as much for his unorthodox, "playground" style of play as his championship pedigree. Observers said that watching him play was like listening to jazz, his moves resembling freefloating improvisations. "I don't know what I'm going to do with the ball," Monroe once admitted, "and if I don't know, I'm quite sure the guy guarding me doesn't know either." Traded to the New York Knicks before the 1971–72 season, Monroe became a key member of the beloved, star-studded 1972–73 Knicks team that captured the NBA title. And now, on the 40th anniversary of that championship season—the franchise's last—Monroe is finally ready to tell his remarkable story. Written with bestselling author Quincy Troupe (Miles, The Pursuit of Happyness) Earl the Pearl will retrace Monroe's life from his upbringing in a tough South Philadelphia neighborhood through his record-setting days at Winston-Salem State, to his NBA Rookie of the Year season in 1967, his tremendous years with the Baltimore Bullets and ultimately his redemptive, championship glory with the New York Knicks. The book will culminate with a revealing epilogue in which Monroe reflects on the events of the past 40 years, offers his insights into the NBA today, and his thoughts on the future of the game he loves.

Author : Jay Greenspan
Publisher : St. Martin's Press
Release :2007-04-01
Total pages :240
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781429904872

If you want to prove you're a good poker player, you don't have to battle against the best. Nobody really cares if you ever bluffed Phil Ivey or got Daniel Negreanu to make a bad call. You're at the table for the money, not stories of conquest. A disciplined player, one who's playing for the right reasons, would rather sit with the worst, those he's sure to outplay. He's looking for donkeys and donors. He's hunting fish. In Hunting Fish author Jay Greenspan sets out on a cross-country drive---from Connecticut to Los Angeles---looking for players he can outclass. In casinos, underground clubs, and home games throughout the country, Jay shared tables with the most inept gamblers America has to offer. In South Carolina he wiped out some racial-epithet-spewing good ole boys; in Houston he fleeced the country club set; and in Vegas he happily pounded drunken tourists. Hunting Fish is, however, not merely the story of a hustler's travels. In addition to fleecing suckers, Jay was convinced he could beat the very best and make it as a full-time pro. This trip gave him the opportunity to build his bankroll to the point where he could test his mettle in high-stakes games when he reached Los Angeles. Although to play in the high-limit rooms at Commerce Casino he needed a steady nerve---and a fatter bankroll. In his three months on the road, he needed to pad his roll with an additional twenty thousand dollars. That's a lot of fish to hunt.

Author : N.A
Publisher :
Release :1891
Total pages :329
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : UOM:39015027615361

Author : N.A
Publisher :
Release :1890
Total pages :329
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : IOWA:31858045593112