Author : Karen Huffman,Catherine A. Sanderson
Publisher : Wiley Global Education
Release :2013-12-06
Total pages :544
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781118803882

Real World Psychology, a brief version of Huffman's Psychology in Action, reflects Huffman's core "student/active classroom" philosophy and is designed specifically for the unique needs of those who demand big things from a small package. This text ties every single concept to a real-world, in-text example by utilizing case studies, photos, graphs, news stories and charts. This brief approach allows readers to grasp the "big picture" in psychology without an abundance of supplementary details.

Author : Karen Huffman
Publisher : Wiley
Release :2013-10-21
Total pages :329
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 1118865588

This package includes a three-hole punched, loose-leaf edition of ISBN 9781118797778 and a registration code for the WileyPLUS course associated with the text. Before you purchase, check with your instructor or review your course syllabus to ensure that your instructor requires WileyPLUS. For customer technical support, please visit WileyPLUS registration cards are only included with new products. Used and rental products may not include WileyPLUS registration cards. With a combined total of 49 years teaching introductory psychology, authors Karen Huffman and Catherine A. Sanderson provide the latest up-to-date coverage and real world applications to core concepts in the teaching of psychology. Designed for introductory psychology courses, Real World Psychology is above all a brief book that works within the time constraints of today’s instructors and students. This first edition text allows readers to grasp the big picture in psychology without an abundance of supplementary details. Huffman and Sanderson tie each key concept to real-world, in-text examples that offer an incomparable window into not only ourselves, but also into the world and the people who sustain us.

Author : Ronald Comer,Elizabeth Gould
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release :2010-01-19
Total pages :744
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9780471385196

This exciting new textbook for introductory psychology helps to open students’ minds to the idea that psychology is all around us. Authors RON COMER and LIZ GOULD encourage students to examine what they know about human behaviour and how they know it; and open them up to an appreciation of psychology outside of the classroom. Psychology Around Us helps students see the big picture by stressing the interconnected nature of psychological science. Almost every chapter within this first edition helps open students’ minds to comprehend the big picture with sections that highlight how the different fields of psychology are connected to each other and how they connect to everyday life. This text highlights human development, brain function, abnormal psychology, and the individual differences in each area as cut-across themes to demonstrate these connections. Also included are two-page art spreads to demonstrate exactly What Happens In The Brain When we engage in everyday activities such as eat pizza, study psychology, or listen to music. The art featured in these spreads have been created especially for Psychology Around Us by an award-winning artist with input from faculty on how it will contribute to teaching and learning. Features: Cut Across Connections - Almost every chapter helps students comprehend the big picture with sections that highlight how the different fields of psychology are connected to each other and how they connect to everyday life. What Happens in the Brain When…These two-page art spreads demonstrate exactly what happens in the brain when we engage in everyday activities such as eating pizza, studying psychology, or listening to music. Chapter Opening Vignettes - Every chapter begins with a vignette that shows the power of psychology in understanding a whole range of human behaviour. This theme is reinforced throughout the chapter, celebrating the extraordinary processes that make the everyday possible. Special topics on psychology around us - Each chapter highlights interesting news stories, current controversies in psychology, and relevant research findings that demonstrate psychology around us. The Practically Speaking box emphasizes the practical application of everyday psychology. Helpful study tools - Key Terms; Marginal Definitions; Marginal Notes; Chapter Summaries.

Author : Ann M. Kring,Sheri L. Johnson
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release :2018-01-09
Total pages :640
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781119362289

Abnormal Psychology: The Science and Treatment of Psychological Disorders consists of a balance and blending of research and clinical application, the use of paradigms as an organizing principle, and involving the learner in the kinds of real-world problem solving engaged in by clinicians and scientists. Students learn that psychopathology is best understood by considering multiple perspectives and that these varying perspectives provide the clearest accounting of the causes of these disorders as well as the best possible treatments.

Author : Margaret W. Matlin,Thomas A. Farmer
Publisher : Wiley Global Education
Release :2016-01-04
Total pages :592
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781119177753

Margaret Matlin and new co-author Thomas Farmer’s Cognition demonstrate how cognitive processes are relevant to everyday, real-world experiences, and frequently examines how cognition can be applied to other disciplines such as clinical psychology, social psychology, consumer psychology, education, communication, business, medicine, and law. The 9th edition continues to relate cognitive topics to applications in everyday life. This edition is fully updated with research and additional anecdotes. It also includes more research on neuroscience.

Author : Thomas A. Farmer,Margaret W. Matlin
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release :2019-01-14
Total pages :432
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781119491712

The study of human cognitive processes provides insight into why we act or react and can help us predict future behaviors. In Cognition, authors Thomas Farmer and Margaret Matlin present an engaging and highly relatable examination of how these processes work, and how they are responsible for the way we perceive and interpret the world around us. Broad in scope without sacrificing depth of detail, this text emphasizes the link between conceptual cognitive psychology and real-world experience; case studies, current trends, and historical perspectives merge to provide a comprehensive understanding of core principles and theories. This new Tenth Edition has been updated to reflect the latest research, technology, and thinking, with more in-depth coverage of topics rising to prominence in the field’s current knowledge base. Expanded explanations balance classical and contemporary approaches to specific topics, while additional experiments and an emphasis on methodology and experimental design are included to facilitate a greater appreciation of the field’s rigorous research.

Author : Jennifer Tanner,Daniel Bellack,Colleen MacQuarrie
Publisher : Wiley Global Education
Release :2017-01-09
Total pages :544
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781119335405

Visualizing the Lifespan, Canadian Edition is part of the Wiley Visualizing series. This first Canadian edition presents lifespan development in a fresh new way by fully integrating visuals with content, while maintaining the rigor and currency of other textbooks. This groundbreaking visual approach paired with superior online technology and multi-media resources uniquely address the processing and learning style of today's student by making material both accessible and engaging without sacrificing rigor. This new edition will also include WileyPLUS Learning Space with ORION which is an easy way for students to learn, collaborate, and grow. With WileyPLUS Learning Space, students create a personalized study plan, assess progress along the way, and make deeper connections as they interact with the course material and each other. Based on cognitive science, ORION provides students with a personal, adaptive learning experience so they can build their proficiency on topics and use their study time most effectively. WileyPLUS with ORIONhelps students learn by learning about them.

Author : Mark Z. Danielewski,Zampan?o
Publisher : Pantheon
Release :2000
Total pages :709
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9780375420528

A family relocates to a small house on Ash Tree Lane and discovers that the inside of their new home seems to be without boundaries

Author : Ken Black
Publisher :
Release :2010-04-13
Total pages :329
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 047089413X

Author : Robert Feldman
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages
Release :2012-10-22
Total pages :800
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 007803521X

Your students are individuals. Do your teaching materials treat them that way? Feldman’s Understanding Psychology does. Using a revolutionary revision process, Bob Feldman’s Understanding Psychology is a fully integrated learning system that gives students an even greater opportunity to achieve success, and brings the Students First goal to a new level. With an adaptive learning system that provides an individualized learning environment and helps students identify what they know, and more importantly, what they don’t, every student has a unique experience refined to their needs. The thoroughly revised Eleventh Edition is a first of its kind, revised using “HeatMap” technology in which systematic and precise feedback from thousands of students was anonymously measured using LearnSmart, the adaptive learning diagnostic. Because virtually every paragraph in the previous edition is tied to several questions students answer in LearnSmart, Bob was able to see where students struggled most…the “hot spots”…and in turn refine and update these areas to be more clear, more concise, and more impactful. The 11th edition continues Bob Feldman’s accessible pedagogy and hallmark research, as well as his modules-within-chapters format that is both manageable for students and allows every professor the flexibility to assign and cover what they want. The 4 additional modules in CREATE give instructors even extra flexibility to completely cater their text to their course and their students.