Author : Matt Richards,Mark Langthorne
Publisher : Weldon Owen
Release :2018-05-08
Total pages :448
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781681884097

For the first time, the final years of one of the world's most captivating rock showman are laid bare. Including interviews from Freddie Mercury's closest friends in the last years of his life, along with personal photographs, Somebody to Love is an authoritative biography of the great man. Here are previously unknown and startling facts about the singer and his life, moving detail on his lifelong search for love and personal fulfilment, and of course his tragic contraction of a then killer disease in the mid-1980s. Woven throughout Freddie's life is the shocking story of how the HIV virus came to hold the world in its grip, was cruelly labelled 'The Gay Plague' and the unwitting few who indirectly infected thousands of men, women and children - Freddie Mercury himself being one of the most famous. The death of this vibrant and spectacularly talented rock star, shook the world of medicine as well as the world of music. Somebody to Love finally puts the record straight and pays detailed tribute to the man himself.

Author : April Wilson
Publisher :
Release :2020-01-06
Total pages :390
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 1653883650

Chicago homicide detective Tyler Jamison has accepted the fact that he was born defective. Women just don't do it for him, and he can't contemplate any other option. So, loneliness it is.Ian Alexander has met the man of his dreams, but the guy's in complete denial of his sexuality. Ian's not giving up on Tyler, though. Tyler's a domineering, controlling force of nature... just what Ian has always craved in his bed. When a serial killer sets his sights on Ian, Tyler will do anything to protect the much younger man. For the first time in his life, Tyler has experienced desire, and it's for another man. How much will it take for him to become the man he was meant to be?

Author : Kristan Higgins
Publisher : Harlequin
Release :2012-05-01
Total pages :384
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781459226999

After her father loses the family fortune in an insider-trading scheme, single mom Parker Welles is faced with some hard decisions. First order of business: go to Gideon's Cove, Maine, to sell the only thing she now owns—a decrepit house in need of some serious flipping. When her father's wingman, James Cahill, asks to go with her, she's not thrilled…even if he is fairly gorgeous and knows his way around a toolbox. Having to fend for herself financially for the first time in her life, Parker signs on as a florist's assistant and starts to find out who she really is. Maybe James isn't the glib lawyer she always thought he was. And maybe the house isn't the only thing that needs a little TLC….

Author : Asha King
Publisher : Asha King Books
Release :2013-09-15
Total pages :329
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES

Author : Jeanette Aw
Publisher : Candid Creation Publishing LLP
Release :
Total pages :329
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9789810985486

You search… and search… and search. Life is best journeyed with the one you love, but where does the search for that somebody begin? And where does it all end? Sometimes, the answer may not be as complicated as it seems.

Author : Mrinalini Patwardhan Mehra
Publisher : Partridge Publishing India
Release :2014-06-24
Total pages :48
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781482834369

A short collection of clever, insightful poems on age old human preoccupations such as Love, God, Existence and Co-existence.

Author : Grace Slick,Andrea Cagan
Publisher : Grand Central Publishing
Release :2008-12-14
Total pages :384
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 0446554421

Candid autobiography of the great rock diva of Jefferson Airplane & Jefferson Starship revealing her wildly outlandish life in the Sixties & the Seventies.

Author : Ann Christopher
Publisher : Blue Iris Press
Release :2019-09-19
Total pages :304
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781948176231

As a die-hard romantic cynic, chef Sean Baldwin no longer believes in love and ridicules friends who settle down and get married. The idea of a dream woman strikes him as complete nonsense. Until he glimpses Amber Garvey through a crowd in small-town Journey’s End and experiences an unprecedented lightning bolt moment. Given her disastrous history with romance, Amber plans to avoid the dating world at all costs. Until an unexpected interlude with sexy and irresistible Sean causes her to rethink her doubts about ever finding somebody to love... Love sexy and emotional contemporary romance? Grab Somebody to Love today! “Ann Christopher gets it right every time. Emotional, page-turning reads and characters that stay with you long after you close the book.” —Lori Foster, New York Times Bestselling Author “Ann Christopher’s gift with words will leave you captivated and breathless.” —Brenda Jackson, New York Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Author

Author : Steve Holden
Publisher : University of Queensland Press(Australia)
Release :2010
Total pages :171
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 0702238570

A provocative novel about love and death and the narrow line between them.Over one weekend in a small Tasmanian town, a transsexual mortician prepares three bodies for burial at a funeral home. As she carefully works on the Kremmer son, the Esterhazen girl and Mr Phillips, she reflects on her own unusual life and childhood - her father's obsession with taxidermy and other darker pursuits, her own induction into the arts of taxidermy, the death of her parents and her ultimate transformation from man to woman. Her sex change was a tentative step towards finding somebody to love her, and choosing a man came next. But when her plans to be with her chosen one are interrupted, she discovers just how far she will go to keep the hope of love alive. In a corrupt world where appearance is everything, what makes us open our hearts to others? Steve Holden's haunting debut novel reminds us that the search for love requires courage, no matter whose skin you inhabit.

Author : Kate Rothwell
Publisher : Zebra Books
Release :2004
Total pages :319
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 0821777556

In this follow-up to Rothwell's debut novel "Somebody Wonderful," set in 1880s New York, an upper-class gentleman risks everything--including his heart--to rescue a beautiful servant woman who is mixed up in a sinister mystery. Original.