Author : Ashok K. Banker
Publisher :
Release :2005
Total pages :552
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 0143033344

The Original Ramayana Was Written Three Thousand Years Ago. Now, With Breathtaking Imagination And Brilliant Storytelling, Ashok K. Banker Has Recreated This Epic Tale For Modern Readers Everywhere The Bestial Demon Hordes Roar Towards Ayodhya Having Swept All Before Them. Rama Cannot Return Home To Defend His Family. He Must Journey To Mithila A City Lying Directly In The Path Of Destruction To Join A Small Band Of Heroes Planning A Valiant Stand Against The Armies Of Darkness. Can Rama Unearth A Hidden Dev-Astra To Help In His Battle Against His Nemesis, The Demonlord Ravana?

Author : Vālmīki
Publisher :
Release :1894
Total pages :329
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : UOM:39015030386471

Author : Ajay K. Rao
Publisher : Routledge
Release :2014-10-03
Total pages :156
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781134077427

The Rāmāyana of Vālmīki is considered by many contemporary Hindus to be a foundational religious text. But this understanding is in part the result of a transformation of the epic’s receptive history, a hermeneutic project which challenged one characterization of the genre of the text, as a work of literary culture, and replaced it with another, as a work of remembered tradition. This book examines Rāmāyana commentaries, poetic retellings, and praise-poems produced by intellectuals within the Śrīvaisnava order of South India from 1250 to 1600 and shows how these intellectuals reconceptualized Rāma’s story through the lens of their devotional metaphysics. Śrīvaisnavas applied innovative interpretive techniques to the Rāmāyana, including allegorical reading, ślesa reading (reading a verse as a double entendre), and the application of vernacular performance techniques such as word play, improvisation, repetition, and novel forms of citation. The book is of interest not only to Rāmāyana specialists but also to those engaged with Indian intellectual history, literary studies, and the history of religions.

Author : Shubha Vilas
Publisher : Jaico Publishing House
Release :2015-01-30
Total pages :404
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9789386348906

Author : Valmiki
Publisher :
Release :1864
Total pages :329
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : BML:37001102230047

Author : Bibek Debroy
Publisher : Penguin Books
Release :2018
Total pages :329
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 0143428055

Author : N.A
Publisher : Courier Corporation
Release :2012-08-02
Total pages :368
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9780486143521

Two great epics of the ancient Hindus: the Ramayana, recounting the adventures of a banished prince, and the Mahabharata, based on the legends surrounding a war. Condensed version features selections linked with short notes.

Author : N.A
Publisher : Himalayan Institute Press
Release :1993-01-01
Total pages :519
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 0893891398

Volume two of a beautiful translation of the story of Ramayana in a 2-volume set.

Author : Anita Ganeri
Publisher : Evans Brothers
Release :2008-07
Total pages :30
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9780237536374

This beautifully produced series provides a perfect introduction to the world's six main faiths through their sacred texts, showing how they were compiled and/or written, and how people have used them as a guide through their lives.

Author : Ananda W. P. Guruge
Publisher : Abhinav Publications
Release :1991
Total pages :349
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 8170172659

The Social Conditions Of Ancient India Have To Be Patiently Reconstructed By Gathering Together The Data Available From Archaeology And Literature. It Is Impossible For One Individual, Even In A Lifetime, To Examine Critically All The Information At His Disposal .To The Archaeologist India Presents A Fund Of Sociological Data Covering, At Least, Five Thousand Years. And The Student Of Her Literature Finds More Elaborate And Informative Evidence In Literary Works, The Earliest Of Which Cannot Under Any Circumstances Be Dated Later Than 1000 B.C. A Careful Study Of The Facts So Available Is Absolutely Necessary If We Are To Have A Complete And Reliable Picture Of Ancient Indian Society. It Is For This Purpose That The Sociological Data Of The Ramayana Are Subjected To A Detailed Scrutiny In This Publication.Although The Ramayana Contains Very Valuable Information For The Study Of The Social Conditions Of India, It Had Been For Many Years Overshadowed By The Great Epic, The Mahabharata. There Are Fewer Works Dealing With The Sociological Data Of The Ramayana, Even Though The Scholars Who Worked On The Mahabharata Occasionally Referred To It.In This Publication, An Attempt Has Been Made To Discuss As Many Aspects Of The Ancient Indian Society As Practicable. While The First Chapter Has Been Devoted To Establish The History, The Date And The Historicity Of The Text, Which Is Our Source Book, The Other Eight Chapters Discuss The Evidence, Which Has Been Called From The Ramayana With Meticulous Care After Study Of All Three Recensions, Available Both In Printed Editions And Manuscripts. No Less Than Fifty-Five Different Aspects Are Dealt With In These Ten Chapters Ranging From Geographical Data To Religious And Philosophical Teaching. It Is Gratifying ,States One Of Its Critics, To Note That His Attitude In Respect Of The Problems Discussed By Him Is Quite Reasonable And Non-Dogmatic. The Society Of The Ramayana Contains The Results Of The Researches Conducted By Dr. Ananda Guruge During The Years 1951 And 1952 In Ceylon And India Under The Guidance Of Professor O.H.De A.Wijesekera, Professor Of Sanskrit, University Of Ceylon, Peradeniya. It Was Presented To The University Of Ceylon In 1953 Under The Title Social Conditions Of Ancient India As Reflected In The Ramayana And Was Accepted For The Ph.D. Degree.Since Its Publication In Sri Lanka In 1960, It Has Been Widely Used By Scholars Throughout The World, As Demonstrated By Scholars Throughout The World, As Demonstrated By Numerous References In Monographs And Articles. Referring To The Wealth Of Data In The Ramayana Translation, Describes In 1984 Dr. Guruge S Work As The Elaborate And Useful Treatment. In 1965. It Was Translated Into Tamil, As Ramayana Samudayam Dr. Guruge Is Currently Sri Lanka S Ambassador And Permanent Delegate To Unesco In Paris, France.