Author : Joel C. Rosenberg
Publisher : Tyndale
Release :2017-03-14
Total pages :480
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781496418913

As he prepares to deliver the State of the Union address, the president of the United States is convinced the Islamic State is on the run, about to be crushed by American forces once and for all. But New York Times foreign correspondent J. B. Collins tells the president he’s dead wrong. With the Middle East on fire, the Israeli prime minister dead, and Amman in ruins, Collins fears a catastrophic attack inside the American homeland is imminent. He argues that only an all-out manhunt to capture or kill Abu Kahlif—the leader of ISIS—can stop the attack and save American lives. But will the president listen and take decisive action before it’s too late?

Author : Tom McCrory
Publisher : PageFree Publishing, Inc.
Release :2004-06
Total pages :196
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 1589611810

Someone entered the California PCS office and gunned down 18-employees. Were they working alone? Did they know the victums? Can detective Bart Starcevich solve this gruesome multiple-murder case? "WITHOUT WARNING," a mistery novel by Tom McCrory, the award winning author of "Company Confidential."

Author : John Birmingham
Publisher : Del Rey
Release :2009-02-03
Total pages :528
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9780345512758

BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from John Birmingham's After America. In Kuwait, American forces are locked and loaded for the invasion of Iraq. In Paris, a covert agent is close to cracking a terrorist cell. And just north of the equator, a sailboat manned by a drug runner and a pirate is witness to the unspeakable. In one instant, all around the world, everything will change. A wave of inexplicable energy slams into the continental United States. America as we know it vanishes. From a Texas lawyer who happens to be in the right place at the right time to an engineer in Seattle who becomes his city’s only hope, from a combat journalist trapped in the Middle East to a drug runner off the Mexican coast, Without Warning tells a fast, furious story of survival, violence, and a new, soul-shattering reality.

Author : David Rosenfelt
Publisher : Minotaur Books
Release :2014-03-25
Total pages :304
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781250024787

Years ago, Katie Sanford's husband was convicted of the murder of Jenny Robbins, then died himself in prison. It's a small town and memories are long, and Katie and Jenny's husband, Chief of Police Jake Robbins, have had to work at putting the tragedy behind them. But it's all brought up again in the wake of a hurricane which has just wreaked havoc on their quiet Maine town. Since its founding, Wilton has had a quaint tradition of creating a time capsule every fifty years, and the storm unearthed the most recent capsule. As the editor of the local paper, Katie joins Chief Robbins to supervise its opening. Neither of them is prepared for the macabre set of predictions, dating back to months before Jenny's murder, that they find inside. Someone predicted her death, as well as eleven other tragedies, which are still occurring even long after the death of Katie's husband. At last, after all these years, Katie has reason to hope that her husband might not have been guilty of Jenny's murder after all. But as she and Jake race to stop the next predictions from coming true, they find themselves caught in a terrifying mind game with no rules...and life or death consequences. In Without Warning, David Rosenfelt has written another tightly plotted thriller that will hold readers in its grip from the opening page all the way through to the stunning conclusion.

Author : Ward M. Tanneberg
Publisher : Kregel Publications
Release :2003-09-01
Total pages :480
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 0825499194

When ancient hatreds explode, John Cain is thrust into the middle of a precise, coordinated jihad where he will look straight into the abyss and discover whether or not his God is big enough to see him through. Guaranteed fiction!

Author : Anthony G. Shea, Jr.
Publisher : Word Association Publishers
Release :2011
Total pages :218
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781595716712

On the graveyard shift at the Deep Space Surveillance observatory in Hawaii, an air force airman steps out for a smoke, looks up, and catches sight of a shooting star—no, two shooting stars, strangely paired, and too bright against the night sky. This can't be right, he thinks … The airman is right. The objects are not stars but asteroids on a collision course with earth, and there is almost no time to prepare an unsuspecting world for the all but total devastation soon to come. But a retired army colonel and his family in western Pennsylvania, a group of cadets at the Virginia Military Institute, the president of the United States, and a handful of others across the country manage to survive the asteroid impacts and the towering twin tsunamis that follow—only to discover that the worst is far from over. For in the wake of the devastation, small, life-bearing objects are falling to earth … and a plan laid out 400 years in the past begins to unfold.Without Warning takes the reader from the frozen depths of a world hurled into nuclear winter to a final battle for the very survival of the species—a journey the reader will not soon forget.

Author : C. D. Waggie
Publisher : Trafford Publishing
Release :2005
Total pages :338
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781412050203

Tao Chi Wong is a 27 year old Lieutenant Detective in the San Francisco Police Department, Homocide Division, Chinatown. Fiercely independent, Tao is an often in trouble loner who makes his own rules. With a troubled past, Tao is headed for a meltdown when, on the trail of a serial killer he is near fatally wounded. This close brush with death serves as the catalyst that returns his determination and desire to live, if for no other reason than to hunt down the man who tried to kill him. On the other side of the country, Lee Han Wong, Captain of the Chinatown Fire Department in New York City - a quiet, shy, dedicated Paramedic and Fireman - has faced his own near-death during the rescue of a young woman from an arson. Lee finds himself falling for this mysterious Sofia, an artist with a hidden past. As close as brothers, Lee and Tao were torn apart as children when Tao's parents moved with him to America. When his parents were killed, Tao disappeared into the red tape of Social Services before his family in Hong Kong could find out. Lee had searched for him and hoped after moving to America himself he would find him. Reunited, Lee asks Tao to return to New York with him to recover from his injuries. When they realize their cases have suddenly merged into one and the same, it will take both of them to solve it before the killer gets to one - or both - of them first.

Author : Carol Smith
Publisher : Sphere
Release :2012-04-05
Total pages :416
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781405517430

Rush hour on the underground and a killer is at large in London, striking apparently haphazardly in a series of vicious attacks. Andy Brewster, ex-SAS, on sick leave from active service in Iraq, works undercover for the Metropolitan police with his bomb expert partner, Burgess. Together they must find the killer before he strikes again. So far the victims have all been women with no apparent connection. Beth Hardy, former caterer who now runs a gourmet food shop; her daughter Imogen, dancing at the National; sad Celeste with her terrible secret; widowed Margaret, in to shop; and American tourist, Ellie, stranded there alone. Each of them regularly travels by tube not knowing they could be potential victims. When the July 7 bombs go off and public awareness is raised, Brewster and Burgess have a race against time to apprehend the stalker. But danger comes not just from knives and bombs. Murder is deadlier when the heart is involved.

Author : Joanne Shortley-Lalonde
Publisher : iUniverse
Release :2001-01-01
Total pages :128
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9780595163878

On September 8th 1994, USAir Flight 427 crashed in Pittsburgh killing all 132 people aboard. My husband, Stephen M. Shortley, 37 years old, was one of the unfortunate people who died. This is my story of how I survived this tragic and emotional journey of belonging to a club no one wants to join. Widowhood. It is my tale of what it is like to suddenly have the rug pulled from underneath and still remain standing.

Author : Suzan Jennings,John Jennings
Publisher : Trafford Publishing
Release :2012-12-10
Total pages :182
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES
ISBN : 9781466966482

When the indomitable Suzan tumbled to the ground, so did her worlda world of endless high-paced activities as a hotel sales executive. The struggle through terrible times became their shared, heartrending story. It tells us much about love triumphing over adversity, aided and abetted by medical magicians. Although they had never heard of Guillain-Barr syndrome until it struck like wicked lightning, this book follows their journey to make as complete recovery as possible. Through Suzan and Johns words of candor and humor, readers become conversant with this little-known, uncaring, and improbable disease. This book is about unlikely survival, the revitalization of life for two people, and their sharing hard-won knowledge to ease the journey of others. It shows that even with daunting odds against recovery, it is possible to recover to inspire others facing this terrible disease.